God and Equal Rights

God and Equal Rights

Today everybody is struggling to get ”equal rights” or fair treatment.  The only fair treatment or true equal rights in the world today are to those who have the covenant of Abraham.  Under this covenant there is fair treatment because  covenant rights are not distributed based on whether one is Jew or Greek slave or free. Furthermore the covenant and its blessings are made available and extended to all who are open to receive its terms, its benefits and responsibilities.   Participation in it is purely a voluntary act of each one’s own will.

Sadly before becoming a part of God’s covenant of blessing which He made with Abraham; all of us operate our lives under the oppressive curse of a fallen world.  This curse we know began with the fall of Adam and Eve because of their disobedience to God as outlined in the book of Genesis.

God masterminded a way for mankind to escape the curse through Abraham’s blessing.  Just like he provided the way of escape for the righteous from the destructive flood through Noah’s ark.  The good news  for us is that the purpose of the covenant of blessings is to provide the way of escape from the curse of the world.

There are valuable principles of escape and salvation embedded in both of these occurrences.  We can use these same principles to understand how God plans our escape route.  He always shows His escape route to those who are righteous those who are in right standing with Him.

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