Have a Better Life Through Blessing

Have a Better Life Through Blessing

In spite of frequently saying “God bless you” and “Oh, I’m blessed” the reality for many Christians who attend church, pay tithes, worship, pray and praise is that experiencing God’s blessing is a “hit or miss situation” and sadly more miss than hit. The blessings of God are noticeably absent in their lives and they struggle with sickness, addictions, family strife, divorce, conflict, abuse, lack and poverty as much or more than those who never claim to be blessed by God.

But God promises to bless His people and Christians are His people. So what’s the problem?

This book helps you identify the problems and fix them through using the ancient principle of blessing. God first gave this power to Jews and later extended it to Christians who believe in the Jewish Messiah Jesus. Jews continue to practice this powerful principle and walk in God’s blessings today. But the church suffers because it virtually lost this valuable practice. These pages will restore to Christians what God still wants for His people-to have a better life through blessing.

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