GreaterGood's Covid-19 Response

GreaterGood's Covid-19 Response

As the country mobilizes to fight the coronavirus pandemic, we at GreaterGood are doing our part to make a difference. While we will continue to focus on making an impact for people, pets, and the planet, during this crisis we are making Covid-19 relief efforts our top priority. We're giving you a number of options to get involved, starting with the number of times you can click on our Click to Give sites every day. Typically, users are allowed to click the "Click to Give" button once daily on each of our sites. During this pandemic, we're allowing you to click up to twelve times daily, once every 2 hours. Every additional click will fund disaster relief efforts, including supplies for overburdened animal shelters, protective gear for front line healthcare workers, and food for those who are struggling. The funds generated from your additional clicks will go where they are most needed. See your clicks in action below. Click here for more information.

Get Involved

We're dedicated to helping respond to this crisis and to providing you with ways to get involved. Below are a number of things you can do to make a real impact in the lives of those impacted by the coronavirus. Please check back regularly, as we'll be updating this page with more ways to give back and make a difference.

Where We're Giving

To date, we've shipped masks to organizations in 45 U.S states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as well as Cameroon, Kenya, Republic of Congo, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand! Help us support frontline workers in EVERY state and across the globe! Explore the map to see where we've delivered masks:

News & Resources

Throughout this crisis we will continue to cover the news that is important to you. Learn more about the coronavirus, how it is impacting communities, and how heroes are responding.

Supporting Animal Shelters

The Animal Rescue Site is proud to support Greater Good Charities' efforts delivering critical food and supplies to shelter pets in need by donating supplies and logistics support. Your clicks and direct donations through the Gifts That Give More program directly help fund supplies and shipping costs to ensure this product can help the pets that need it most. The map below represents locations that trucks of pet food and supplies that you helped support, have been delivered.


Will my clicks still feed the hungry, support research efforts, therapy, or conservation efforts? Yes! We will continue to support the important programs that we've always supported. For the duration of this crisis, the funds generated through your additional clicks will fund Covid-19 response. Many of our partners have pivoted to helping with the relief effort, so in many cases, your first click will also support the cause. The one exception to this is our newest, GreaterGood Click to Give site. All clicks from that site will fund relief efforts.

Why can't I do all my clicks right now? In order to ensure that we don't get flooded with fake, bot traffic as part of our security protocols we need to have users spread their clicks out over several hours.

Why can't I click more than 12 times a day? While sponsor advertising covers much of the cost of the clicks, GreaterGood is committing to shouldering additional costs that advertising does not. More than 12 clicks a day would be unsustainable for us.

On the results page, it looks like clicks are worth less this month. Why? Over time the costs involved in funding clicks have risen substantially. Just as groceries and every-day items you purchase continue to become more expensive, so do the supplies we fund for charities. While sponsor advertising has covered at least half of the cost of clicks in the past, GreaterGood covers any donation costs not covered by sponsor advertising. In order to continue to provide you the ability to make an impact every day, we need to adjust the value of donations covered provided from a click from time to time as costs change. We continue to work diligently to provide as many needed supplies to programs as possible. We are working now to increase the supplies we provide and we are also committed to providing at least half of our donations from clicks to covid-19 relief and support. Thank you for clicking with us to help sustain and grow these efforts.